A Rose for Emily

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Summary for Article 1

Jack Scherting wrote an article titled Emily Grierson’s Oedipus complex Motif, Motive, and Meaning in Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” Scherting notices that

The main question of the story is Why did d Emily murder Homer Barron, her lover? There is no evidence to support that Homer was planning on jilting Emily. In the story, one of the themes is the Oedipus complex. Evidence is shown in the Faulkner’s story of the Oedipus complex.

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Emily’s father purposely made it difficult for men to court her. She was not allowed to have male contact. Thus, causing her to turn to her own father for male companionship. When he passes away, Emily has difficulty letting his corpse leave her. The townspeople do end up taking him away leaving her without a male companion.

Homer Baron becomes the living object of her father. When Homer comes into town, Emily does not act like the lady everybody thought she was. Faulkner describes the men very similar. Emily will replace the now missing corpse of her father with Homer’s body. It is thought that Emily killed Homer after her cousins visited her. The cousins most likely told her to marry Homer or to stop seeing him. She murdered and “married” him at the same time.

Faulkner shows the parallels of the two men. One way is by using the word “profound” twice. Once with the father and the other with Homer. Both the engraved toilet seat and the painting of her father have been described as tarnished. The two men were also described holding whips.

Her father desperately kept her close to him and chase away all other men. Thus, causing him to be the only male figure in her life. The irony of the story is that a Yankee laborer could replace a southern gentleman which posses what the townsfolk believed to be good southern values.

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