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Planning by Leading

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the organization function of business management as it relates to integration of new technology. There are many companies that outsource the IT aspect of integration and many more that integrate it themselves. I will look at Microsoft and Wal-Mart because both of these companies integrate their technology themselves and they have done so successfully. of at how organizations integrate new technology gain insight into the planning function of business management by examining one of the top CEOs in America and applying this insight to my organization. It takes a great leader to turn a company around and Gillette has found one in Jim Kitts. It is the first time since 11 that Gillette has gone outside the company to look for a leader. Jim Kilts has now been the CEO of Gillette for two years. Prior to becoming the CEO of Gillette, he successfully turned Kraft and Nabisco around and made both companies much more competitive and viable. Jim Kilts’ vision and discipline of where Gillette is going can be applied to any company.

Before Kilts took over the reins of Gillette, Gillette had missed its earnings in 14 consecutive quarters. Most recently however, Gillette’s sales have risen five percent the last three quarters. How can one person make such an impact on a company?

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When colleagues think of Jim Kilts, words such as disciplined, demanding, and intense come up over and over again. ( These traits are traits that many CEOs share. When planning the future of where a company is going, a CEO has to be involved and in touch with the pulse of the company. An example of this is seen even before Kilts took over as CEO. Prior to the announcement, Kilts had two outside analysts help him go through all the public records related to Gillette. In the interview, he explained why he did this, “I always find that it helps to know what the world thinks of the company before you learn what the company thinks of the company”(

Since taking over the helm of Gillette, Kilts has made a lot of changes. When asked if there are more changes to come, he replies, “We’re probably in the fourth inning of a nine-inning game”( This is an interesting metaphor and it is easily understandable. Almost everyone can relate to baseball and understand that a nine-inning game is a long game and by stating that Gillette is only in the fourth inning, Kilt is implying that there is a long way to go before his job (the game) is finished. In explaining why Kilts came out of retirement, one of his colleagues says simply He loves to play the game of winning at business ( From these two quotes, a person can see that this man has a passion for business equal to the passion a professional athlete has for his or her sport. Kilt loves what he does and part of what he does is change the direction a company is going or has been going and this is done through his exceptional ability to plan.

The company that I work for was established in 18. The current president and CEO is also the founder of the company. The company started as a one-room operation and has now expanded to eleven states with over 50 employees. This kind of expansion does not happen overnight. It takes planning.

The management style of Jim Kilts is very similar to that of my company’s president. Both are very demanding, disciplined, and intense. These traits are felt throughout the company and the employees know that their best is expected at all times. If an employee “can’t take the heat, then it is time to get out the kitchen.”

These traits help define the successful CEO. They define a person that does not like failing and in order for their companies to be successful, they have to plan for the future. Jim Kilts started planning the future of Gillette before his first day of work by gathering information about Gillette. Information gathering is an integral part of the planning function of management. A company cannot plan successfully if the base of the planning is not strong. A strong base would consist of having complete and accurate information that is necessary to make decisions.

As a Human Resources professional in my company, I can use this insight to help our company plan for the future by researching various programs that would be beneficial to our employees. We keep changing benefit plans every year and we have multiple enrollment periods during the year. I realize this is something that employees do not enjoy. Going forward, I have got to get all of the plan years to begin and end on the same date so next year when we do open enrollment, it will truly be an open enrollment.

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