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It’s not what you wear, it’s who you are. And its not just a fashion line, its Gino. Take fashion, combine it with entertainment, add a pinch of beauty with a twist of daring excitement and you’ve got the essentials elements for today. Gino is bold, take chances and like you, it’s real. Expressive, innovative and absolutely in the moment, Gino is what’s happening in the infinite now.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 16, 00--Recognizing the value of e-commerce as a source of additional profits for brands, Nesi Fashion Brands has awarded a contract to eFashion Consulting LLC to develop and run its Shady Ltd. retail web site.

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Shady Ltd. is the new Eminem young sportswear collection. Its part of Nesi Fashion Brands stable of young lifestyle brands, which include Rocawear Juniors, School of Hard Knocks, Vincente Nesi, Sindrom, and others.

eFashion Consulting is an end-to-end e-commerce provider that demonstrates a core competency that specializes in getting the fashion industry online. Its other clients include Jlo, Sharagano, XOXO, Baby Phat, and Jay Z and Damon Dashs Rocawear brand. Online sales for its existing client base alone are on track to exceed $15 million in 00.

Steven Feiner, president of XOXO and Baby Phat juniors describes the online business for the brands as exceptionally healthy.

eFashion operates like a dream retailer come true, he says. They built us an excellent, award-winning site; we provide them with the inventory then they take over from there. Its a very smart, profitable, and growing business for us.

According to eFashions President, Jennifer Silano, many manufacturers remain unaware of the potential for incremental profits in online sales. She adds that her companys service is straightforward. Our clients ship us their merchandise to our warehouse and we take it from there...and in the process, provide them typically with sixty percent margin on retail prices.

We have, Silano says, a proven turn-key solution for getting manufacturers online. Our approach allows our manufacturing clients to remain focused on their core business and avoid significant costs often relating to in-house e-commerce infrastructure and personnel. Simply put...we provide the opportunity without the risk!


The Competition in the fashion business is intense. Few new clothing companies survive more than 18 months, and those that do typically require a large capital base. The Company’s competitors include Phat Farm, Sean John, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, and Fubu among others. The company believes that its competitive advantages in the fashion sector include strong creative and cutting edge fashions, a highly skilled sales force and an extensive design development network that includes graphic design artists, artists and seamstress.

The Company expects the current level of competition it experiences to continue or increase due to, among other things, a lack of significant barriers to entry into the Company’s areas of operations. Many of the Company’s potential competitors have longer operating histories, stronger brand names and significantly greater financial, technical, marketing and other resources than the Company. In addition, these companies may have existing relationships with potential customers and may be able to respond to changes in market dynamics and technology faster than the Company. There can be no assurance that the Company will be able to compete successfully against these potential competitors. Based on the company’s fast-growing recognition in a very short period of time, it believes that it can complete and out-grow the competition with the addition of proper capital resources.

Founded in 1, Rocawear was created when Damon Dash and Jay-Z recognized a void in the menswear market for an apparel line that was a true representation of their lifestyle. The line is primarily denim-driven and is known for its clean, simple, modern collegiate designs. Today, the line has grown into a $50 million dollar business and has expanded to include juniors, childrens, infants, Big & Tall, loungewear, hats and belts. Rocawear can be found in major department and specialty stores throughout the U.S. Internationally, the line is available throughout Europe, Canada and Japan.

The number of African Americans online now tops 10 million, according to a new research by Nielson//NetRatings, but blacks still lag far behind the general population in online use.

Nielsen//NetRatings found that blacks represent 8 percent of the Internet population with 10 million users. In August 001, Nielsen//NetRatings pegged the African-American online population at 8. million, growing percent since then.

When you pass a number like 10 million, youre talking about the fact that this demographic has emerged very strongly, said Charlie Buchwalter, vice president of client analytics at Nielsen//NetRatings.

While the numbers have grown, the African-American Internet audience still does not equate with its overall representation in the U.S. population. According to the latest Census figures, 6. million Americans classified themselves as black or African-American, accounting for 1.7 percent of the overall population.

Nielsen//NetRatings also found that broadband was taking hold in black households, with percent now accessing the Net through high-speed connections. This represents a 55 percent increase from a year ago and compares favorably with the 6 percent broadband adoption rate for the overall Internet population.

Were getting to a point that the digital divide story is going to stop being an interesting one, Buchwalter said. Were not quite there yet, but over the next 1 to 15 years well certainly move to that.

However, blacks continue to trail not only the overall population in key Internet-use stats. On average, African-American Web users spent 44 hours on the Internet, 1 percent less than the overall Internet population. They initiated 4 sessions and viewed 1,186 pages, far lower than the general populations 5 hours and 1,444 pages.

African Americans trail other ethnicities in online penetration. Hispanics, which recently replaced blacks as the most populous minority group in the country, have an online audience of 15 million, according to ComScore Networks. The Internet measurement firm estimates the Hispanic Internet audience is growing at 0 percent a year -- a fact that has not been lost on marketers.

In January, Office Depot unveiled a Spanish language site aimed at the million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States. Office Depot inked a marketing pact with, a leading Spanish-language Internet portal. The automotive industry, in particular, has been a leader in brand marketing to Hispanics online, with Toyota launching a Spanish-language site in September 001. Other automakers, like Ford and Nissan, have followed suit or plan to do so soon.

While online ad campaigns targeting African-Americans have been few, some have been launched. Nissan partnered with minority-focused agency True to design an African-American-themed online component for its Shift campaign. With Shift_Respect, Nissan highlighted African-American achievements and influential icons during Black History month. Nissan signed True to a $10 million account in July 00 to develop strategies for tapping into the African-American market.

The African-American market is a growing opportunity for marketers. According to the Census Bureau, African-American median household income was $,470 in 001.

The sites tabbed by Nielsen//NetRatings as garnering the highest percentage of African-American users were culture and politics site, hip-hop site, and BET Interactive.

1. 74.8% 8,000

. 70.6% 1,000

. BET Interactive 6.0% 554,000

4. Epic Records 6.6% 7,000

5. NBA 18.1% 66,000

6. Columbia Records 17.% ,000

7. U.S. Office of Personnel Management 17.% 6,000

8. U.S. Federal Student Aid 15.8% 44,000

. FastWeb 15.8% 5,000

10. U.S. Dept. of Education 15.5% 64,000

African Americans now represent 1.% of the U.S. population. Increasing 15.6% since 10, and now numbering 6.4 million

• The Black population is still highly concentrated � 64% of all counties in the United States had fewer than 6% Black. But in 6 counties, Blacks comprised 50% or more of the total county population.

• Two places � New York and Chicago together accounted for % of the total Black population.

• The ten largest places of Black population accounted for 0% of the total Black population (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, San Antonio, Detroit).

• Two-thirds of African American families have children under age 18 (in 18), in contrast to less than one-half of non-Hispanic White families.

• African American households gained 5.5% in median income between 1 and 000 to $0,4, a new all time high. An even greater gain of .5% was achieved between 1 and 000 � U.S. Census Bureau 000

• The number of affluent adults in the United States increased 11.% from 17 to 000, to 6 million persons, 1% of the population. Pacing the increase were African Americans with a 154% increase of households with incomes of more than $100,000 per year

The growth of Ethnic minorities in America has been phenomenal. Since 180, the Asian American population has almost tripled, Hispanic American more than doubled, Native American increased 6%, and African American increased 1%, while the non-ethnic population has remained amost the same.

This is a trend that is expected to continue. According to a report by the U.S. Minority Business Development Agency, Ethnic minorities will account for 0% of the total growth in the U.S. population from 15 to 050.

demographic profile

Female 60%

Male 40%

Median Age

Target Audience 1-

Average HHI $0,000

Access to Internet 87%

Single 7

Married 8

Where They Shop

Boutiques 87%

Department Stores 8%

E-Commerce 6%

What They Buy

Accessories 8.5%

Beauty Products 1.4%

Designer products 77.5%


Purchased an advertised product 67%

Purchased a product online 77%

Source CGI Media reader survey July 00


The company is an early stage company

An early stage company, such as Gino Green, faces significant risks, expenses, and uncertainties. These risks include the ability to build our brand, attract and retain consumers, maintain and develop future lines, respond effectively to competitive pressures, and continue to develop our talent and expertise. If we are unsuccessful in addressing these risks, our business, financial conditions, and results of operations will be adversely affected.

the company operates at a loss

Although Gino Green continues to grow and receive industry praise, the company is operating at a loss. The company will need to significantly increase revenues to achieve and maintain profitability. And although the Company’s projections are promising, there can be no assurances that the Company will achieve profitability. If revenues grow slower than the Company’s expectations, its business, results of operations and financial condition will be harmed.

the company’s prospects for obtaining additional financing are uncertain and failure to obtain needed financing could affect the company’s ability to pursue future growth.

The Company may require additional funds in the future to expand its operations or to enter new lines of business, to respond to competitive pressure or to acquire complimentary products, business or technologies. There can be no assurances that additional financing will be available on terms favorable to the Company or at all. If additional funds are raised though the issuance of equity or convertible debt securities, the percentage ownership of the Company’s stockholders would be reduced and these securities might rights preferences or privileges senior to those of the Company’s current stockholders. If adequate funds are not available on acceptable terms, the Company’s ability to fund its expansion, develop or enhance services or products, or otherwise respond to competitive pressures would be significantly limited.

the company expects to incur significant costs developing its brands.

To be successful the company must continue to build its brand identify. To build brand awareness, the company must succeed in its marketing efforts, provide high-quality products and services and increase traffic to its web sites. If the Company’s marketing efforts are unsuccessful or if the Company cannot increase its brand awareness, the Company’s business, financial condition and results of operation will be harmed. The Company will spend a substantial amount of its resources in marketing its brand. The Company intends to increase its marketing budget substantially as part of its brand-building efforts. The Company may find it necessary to further increase its financial commitment to creating and maintaining a strong brand among consumers. If the Company incurs excessive marketing expenses, its business result of operations and financial condition could be harmed.

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