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Nails are flattened, horny, protective coverings on the upper surface of the outer segments of the finger. The nails are made of dead cells containing the fibrous protein keratin. Each nail has a root, or part concealed within a fold of the skin; a body, or exposed part attached to the surface of the skin; and a free anterior extremity called the edge. The skin that is below the root and body of the nails is termed the matrix. The matrix is thick and covered with highly vascular papillae, and it’s color is seen through the transparent horny tissue. Near the root the papillae are smaller and less vascular; thus, the portion of the nail corresponding to this part is whiter. From its crescent form this portion is termed the lunula. The nail’s advance forward

by the successive growth of new cells at the root and under the body of the nail. Keratin is a highly fibrous and resistant protein that makes up a lot of the materials in the cells that are forming the epidermis. These cells are originate from permanent populations of germinal cells, and as they migrate outward they undergo specific patterns of differentiation in a process that is called keratinization. This is the cell that become increasingly filled with micorfibrils of keratin, and the nuclei and organelles of the cells are reabsorbed. Little is understood about how the cells differentiate to form such diverse and efficient structures s the elastic outer layer of the skin. Now that you have some background on what nails are made of, lets get started with what product you will need to put on a full set of Arycle Nails. You must have all of the correct products that are needed to get started. The products that you will need are as follow Finger Tips, Pink & White Arycle, Primer, Nail files, Orange Sticks, Buffers, Nail Clippers, Nail Glue, Nail Drill, Nail Liquid, A Sink, Nail Scrub Brush & Paper Towels.

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Step 1 The first thing that you have to do is take the Nail Clippers and cut down the real nail, to where its just past the skin on the tip of the finger. You must do this to all five of the fingers before you can go onto the next step. Step Now you open up the container of finger tip’s and they are numbered by size, with #1 being the largest nail and #10 as being the smallest nail, You then have to measure the nail to the person’s nail bed and find the one that covers the nail from one side to the other. You have to make sure that the fingertips cover the whole nail and that it does not hang over the real nail. As you find the right tips for each finger the you lay them down in front the finger that the tip goes on, that way you will know what tip is for which finger. Step You then get out the nail glue and you put a couple of drops on the top of the tip, that goes on the nail bed, then you put the tip with the glue on it on the nail bed, and then press it down for 0 seconds in till the glue is set to the nail bed. Step 4 Get out the nail clippers and cut the tip of the nails down to the correct length that is desired, after cutting the tips down, you then get out your finger nail drill out and file down the top of the nail tip that is on the nail bed, in till the tip is smooth to the nail bed. Step 5 It’s now time to put the primer on each of the nails, make sure that you cover the whole nail. Step 6 Now it’s time to get started with the arycle, you need to put a little of both the white & the pink arycle powder into a small nail dish, and your will also need to put some of the arycle liquid into a small dish, and you will need your nail brush. Step 7 Take your nail brush and dip it into the bowl with the liquid in it, try to drain off any extra liquid, then you will dip the brush into the bowl with the white powder in it, after you are done with that, you then take the brush with the liquid; and the white powder on it and put in on the tip of the finger nail, you only want to put it on the clear part of the nail, the white should start at the end of the nail bed. After that it’s time to add the pink powder to the top of the nail bed. You will again put your brush in the bowl with the liquid, drain off any extra liquid, and now dip the brush into the bowl with the pink power, now take the brush that has the pink powder on it and put it on the top of the nail, you want to make sure you are only putting the powder on the nail bed and you will pull the pink powder down to meet the white powder, after the you have put both the white and the pink arycle on each of the nails, you must wait in till the arycle is dry, before you can go onto the next step. Step 8 Lets get out the drill again and you now want to take the drill and drill over around the nail, this is to get rid of any of the arycle that is around the edge of the nail, and to file down the arylcle, so that it is not thick. After doing this you will get your nail file out and file each of the nails with the nail file, you will need to file over the nail bed to finish filling them down and you will need to file the tip of the nail to smooth out the end of the nail and to shape the nail to which is preferred. You might have someone that want their nail round, Oval or Square, so after you have finished with the filling and the shaping of the nail you will move on to the next step. Step You will now get out your buffer and if it is new buffer you might want to take a old nail file and file off all four edger of the buffer, so you will not cut someone with the edge of the buffer. Now take the buffer and go side to side across the nail and around the edge of the tip so that you remove any rough edges that might still be on the nails. Go ahead and do all of the nails with the buffer, and you want to make sure that when you are finished with buffer that all of the nails are smooth and shiny.

Step 10 It is now time to wash your hands, you will need to go into the bath room or where ever you have your sink set up and you will need to get the nail brush and put a bit of soap on the brush and scrub your nails really good on top and under your nail, then get a paper towel and dry you hands and the nails really good. You want to make sure that your nail is dry before you add the final touch. Step 11 Getting really close to the final stages, you will now have them choose a polish that they would like to wear. After you have the polish that they wish to wear, you will run your fingers across theirs to make sure that the nails are dry enough for you to continue. Step 1 Once you are finished checking for the dryness of the nails, you want to get out a polish that is called the base coat. The base coat is a coat the goes on the nail before the polish to fill any of the ridges that might be on the nail that you can’t see or even fill. Go ahead and put the base coat on all of that nails and let dry for or minutes before adding color. Step 1 Now that the base coat has dried, you want to get out a orange stick, so that you can remove any of extra polish that might get onto the skin. Now take your bottle of polish and shake it really good to make sure that for one you have enough polish in the bottle to use, and that the polish is still good. Sometime when a polish has gone a long time with out being used it tends to get thick, and if that’s the case you want to throw that bottle away and get out a new fresh bottle of polish. Step 14 Once you have the bottle of polish, you want to start with the pinkie finger and work your way to the thumb. You carefully polish the nail, making sure that you are only polishing on the nail, if you by some chance get polish on the skin, you will then grab the orange stick and dip it into some polish remover, and run the orange stick around the outer edge of the nail between the nail and the skin and remove all of the polish that got on the skin. Once you have put the first coat on all of the fingers, you then want to go back and add a second coat of polish to all of the nails, the second coat gives the nails a more of a finished look, and feels in any of the areas that might have had a thin coat of polish from the first coat of that went on the nail. Step 15 Now it is time to do the final touch of all the hard work that you have just put into this 45-minute or 1-hour job. You will want to get out the bottle of polish that says UV top coat. Apply only one coat to the nails starting with the nail that you polished first, that will be the nail that has been drying the longest and it will also give the other nails a chance to finish drying. Once you have applied the UV coat to all of the nails, you will need to get out your uv light, lift the top of the light and let the person carefully slide their hands into the light, once they have their hands in the light close the lid of the light and you will then need to push the minute button on the top of the light. When the light is finished, it will beep at you, you then lift the top of the light and let them slide their hands out of the light. Their nails are now dry to a shiny finish. Doing nails seems like it would be a very easy job, it’s not in till you actually sit down and try to do them, that you realize that there is a lot more to doing nails, than you originally thought. A good nail tech is one that knows their products, has everything they need to e able to complete the job, and someone that takes their time and does a good job.

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