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Position Paper #1-Living in Two Worlds By Marcus Mabry

Balance is the difference in magnitude between opposing forces or influences. Marcus Mabry creates balance in his article Living in Two Worlds, by clearly defining the geographical, economic, and social differences of living in both New Jersey and Stanford University.

Mabry first gives the reader equal opportunity to evaluate the differences between New Jersey and Stanford from a geographical standpoint. For example he tells speaks of his brother, who is, Now in the icy clutches of the Northeastern winter….” Mabry continues by stating the following In mid-December I was at Stanford, among the palm trees… From this we know that while Stanford remains sunny and warm, and New Jersey keeps cold and gloomy in the winter. Also, Mabry wanted to bring a clear understanding of the geographical distances within both areas.

Economic value also brings a vast understanding of Mabrys two worlds. For example Mabry recalls, Using summer earnings, (to add) some expensive prints, a potted palm and some other plants (to his apartment) . . . .” He’s using his money on personal items, while his brother has to . . . Cope with potential unemployment . . . .” In the universes of poverty . . . .” On one hand the New Jersey lifestyle remains in economic woe, while on the other hand his spending is becoming more affluent. Mabrys accounts again present examples of both sides for understanding.


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Social variety is another tool that Mabry uses to bring forth to his reader the understanding of his two worlds. He effectively describes the harsh realities of his New Jersey life, and the lighter side of his affluent educational world. For instance Mabry states For my roommate, a doctors son, this (Stanford) kind of life was nothing extraordinary. But my mom was struggling . . . In addition to working 4-hour-a-day cases as practical nurse. Also recognized is Mabry’s Stanford apartment, which was a . . . More-than-humble abode of a New York City Yuppie. While in New Jersey . . . Unemployed relatives . . . (filled the) dilapidated bedrooms and kitchens (of his grandmothers home). Mabry presents details of Stanford and New Jersey, allowing the reader to indulge in the social aspects of both environments.

As Mabry takes the reader through his article Living in Two Worlds, he provides a balanced understanding of the geographical, economic, and social position of growing up as a poverty-stricken New Jersey boy, and a prestigious student of Stanford University, thus allowing the reader to finely understand both walks of life.

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