legalization of marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana

The Declaration of Independence, the establishment of our nation and the foundation of the United States, was written on hemp paper derived from the Cannabis plant, [that sows the seed of marijuana] this phrase is ambiguous; I suggest you delete it cuz it makes your sentence choppy and confusing. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, the forefathers of our nation grew hemp. [you need a thesis statement to clarify what you are trying to argue. The thesis statement should be to the point, and arguable. It should be your opinion]

For many years, the United States government has prohibited marijuana from being sold in [the blackmarket of] delete; things on the blackmarket is already prohibited for sale. our nation (you can expand the growing and distribution of marijuana also). Yet, even with the prohibition, marijuana use has only decreased minimally. Because of its illegality, only the bad aspects of marijuana use have been made known to the public. (Marijuana’s illegality has made marijuana notorious for its bad aspects to the public) However, there are many positive aspects of marijuana legalization benefiting individuals, as well as increasing the nations resources and economy. Give examples of good and bad aspects of marijuana usage.

The United States government spends roughly 8.6 million dollars annually in attempt to keep marijuana off the streets. Even though marijuana is not legalized all over the United States today, teens and adults still find an easy access to marijuana whenever they want it. I personally have friends that smoke marijuana in college that continued the habit from high school. Even if I didn’t have friends that smoked marijuana, and if I wanted to smoke marijuana, I can easily have access to marijuana or any other drug on campus grounds. It’s just as easy to get marijuana as it is to get alcohol or cigarettes.

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(New Paragraph) Smoking marijuana is a means of socializing within groups that share the same hobby or habit of doing so. Some turn to marijuana because of depression or other problems that they face in life. However, according to a drug-abuse research and associate professor at U.S.C. Steve Sussman, people who smoke to deal with such problems don’t learn how to cope with real life and emotions. When people are high on marijuana, they tend to focus on one thing at a time such as the music or food. Time tends to slow down, making minutes seem like hours. Many “potheads” isolate themselves from the outside world making them, as well as the sellers, not easily detectable from people in society including teachers, the police, and their parents as well. One probably can’t imagine how many people smoke marijuana in the dorms, even after sitting through numerous meetings and orientations of how smoking marijuana (try not to drift into other subjects of illegality such as drinking) is not allowed and will lead to certain circumstances of the actions. Students on many campus grounds still attempt to smoke, risking those circumstances of punishment (what type of punishment; school, legal action?). Some even find that it’s more “fun” hiding this kind of activity from others, and to keep it within their own group of friends. From what I’ve experienced the past year when I lived in the dorms of University of California, Riverside, only one of the many of my friends that smoked was close to getting caught by the police because of the smoke alarm that went off from the marijuana smoke. [This shows that the money spent on prohibition is an overwhelming figure that is unnecessary and is obviously accomplishing very little. Nevertheless, the money used to lower drug use on the streets could be easily eliminated and profited, IF marijuana was legalized.] I suggest either delete this section or add it to the paragraph before because this paragraph and the other paragraph talk about two different subjects.

One sixth of the people in prison are convicted for non-violent marijuana offenses (you should cite your sources). Prisons are overcrowded and the price to keep a person in prison is very costly. In the spring of 00, Webster Alexander who attended the Lawrence County High School of Alabama was arrested under the charge of selling marijuana to students. Alexander pleaded guilty and received a sentence of twenty-six years in prison. The cost of keeping Webster Alexander in prison, is far too much than necessary (its seems like this sentences refers to the years sentenced rather than the cost of keeping Webster in jail for 6 years). Due to high criminal rates and the unwise decisions to imprison people with non-violent marijuana offenses because the illegality of the possession of marijuana is sought to be far more severe than the murderous crimes our society encompasses. Legalizing marijuana would make room in prison for violent offenders who deserve to be confined behind bars (you must consider what type of legalization; is it for medication, or just personal use??? Because a fallacy in your argument is that marijuana is legal in California but under certain circumstances). The money that can be saved on law enforcement can turn into a profit or be used for treatment and education of drug use. The United States can set a tax rate on the distribution of marijuana generating a unanimous amount of money increasing the nations economy.

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