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Thursday, July 1, 00


The war in Iraq was declared to be over several months ago. The troops are still hunting Saddam Husein and never seem to be in the same area as he is. He always seems to get away and to know how close the troops are to him. They have killed his two sons and the President of the United States is not even raising our terror alert. President Bush stated to day in a news conference “that the risk for a terror attack as retaliation in the killing of Saddam’s sons is very high but we are not raising the terror alert. Security at all airports will increase and everyone will be on guard. We are asking passengers, flight attendants and pilots to be aware of any out of the ordinary behavior.”

Saddam Husein is a mad man. The man who turned in his sons for $0 million dollars is part of his r�gime. What are they thinking handing that kind of money over to them? Why don’t we just send our people over there to help them build their weapons of mass destruction? I feel that we are just asking for another attack on our soil. We are free, but if Saddam has his way we are going to pay for everything that has happened over there.

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We are spending the money to rebuild their homes, schools, religious temples, and stores, ect. Who is going to help us rebuild when something happens here? We will just be left to fend for ourselves. I did not see any of his people offer to help us on September 11. They say he had nothing to do with it, that it was all Bin Lauden, but I feel they are connected and Saddam knew exactly what was going to happen.

Now we have troops over their “helping them” and risking their lives everyday. Gunfire, grenades, bombs, and anything else that can be used to kill them ambush them. All of this over a country who said it wanted to be free from Saddam and they are killing the people who are trying to free them. Some of the shooters are even children as young as 10 years old. Ten years old and they already know how to kill. Is that really a country that deserves freedom? A country that teaches children that kill is all right. This is the kind of country that our tax dollars and social security fund is paying for to be rebuilt.

This war started out as a hunt for Bin Lauden, know all the sudden we have forgotten about him and all concentration is on finding Saddam. We turn our back on this extremely dangerous man and he will strike again. If we would have given up after Desert Storm and just went in and killed Saddam none of this would be necessary.

The war in Iraq is considered over by the President, but it is far from over as long as we have troops dying everyday. The death toll keeps rising and yet these brave men and women’s lives are worth staying in a country that is trying to kill them. I don’t think so and I’m sure every one of their family members feels the same way.

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