For Better or For Worst

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The introduction of new ideas has the ability to stimulate change for the better, but it can also cause conflicts between the old and new. Ideas provides a bond between a community, in which they share and revise through generations. However, not everyone automatically agrees with everything. This problem will cause even greater conflict as one side unwilling stands down from their beliefs. In the novel written by N. Scott Momaday, House Made of Dawn, the theme explains how the old customs of Native Americans and their practicality for the newest generation. It describes the results of the European-American intrusion on Native American land and their attempts at the destruction of Native American culture.

I have chosen to write about this novel and to explore the struggles and sacrifices a young man, living in the reservation, endures as he tries to make a transition from reservation life to city life. In the first part of the story, Francisco, Abel’s Grandfather, rode on a wagon to pick up his grandson after he returns from the war. As he reached passed the river to the embankment and onto the pavement, the author wrote “The doors of the house were closed against the heat, and even the usual naked children who sometimes shouted and made fun of him had gone inside.”(8) This quote is significant is because it illustrates Francisco has had to tolerate prejudice and adjust to the European Americans sharing the land. The next passage sets on August 1st during the Harvest feast when he kills the Albino man. Abel was illustrated as being calm but cautiously, the author describes the scene “…And Abel was no longer terrified, but strangely cautious and intent, full of wonder and regard.”(74) . The novel shows no specific motives or the thoughts of Abel, which might state that there was more to it than just a murder. Tosamah, the Pastor and Priest of the Sun, hinted during book , “In the white man’s world, language, too�and the way in which the white man thinks of it�has undergone a process of change. The White man takes such things as words and literatures for granted, as indeed he must, for nothing in his world is so commonplace.”(84) This signifies the different point of views, in this case, the point of view from a native preacher. In the next section from book , Tosamah tells a story of his grandmother who saw the last days of the Kiowa before their god was killed by the Europeans Americans. The section gives a good example to the unfamiliarity of the Natives with the motives of the Europeans Americans. “..Warfare for the Kiowa was pre-eminently a matter of disposition rather than survival, and they never understood the grim, unrelenting advance of the U.S. Cavalry”(11), the shows how the motives and ideas of Europeans Americans differ from the Natives.

Differences are the cause of many conflicts as well as the beauty of the World. In House Made of Dawn, it talks about the difference through two points of view and connects it with the rest of the plot. This is what inspired me to write about this novel.

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