Disclosure Principles

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Disclosure of Financial Information

Publicly traded companies should have an obligation to disclose monthly sales reports to the financial press. Sales-R-Us is not an exception. It is in Sales-R-Us’s best interest to preserve active and direct communication with the financial press, shareholders, and potential investors regarding Sales-R-Us’s historical performance and future opportunities. Sales-R-Us can increase shareholder value by publicly outlining its strategies, strengths, and growth prospects. In addition to the requisite quarterly reports that must be filed, Sales-R-Us should disclose monthly sales reports that clearly explain operating revenues and expenses. Financial analysts and investors can use this information to make educated quarterly forecasts of the firm, its growth prospects, and understand more about a company they may possibly invest in.

Obviously disclosure is a double-edged sword. If a company’s sales and profits are robust, a likely effect will be in an increase in stock price and value of the firm. If earnings and growth lag, stock prices may drop and investors may think twice about investing. However, the lifeblood of a public company is the stockholder. For example, if one does not disclose sales reports, the public may assume that there may be something to hide. The company’s responsibility is to increase stockholder value by demonstrating sound business decisions, current position in the financial market, and its growth potential in a truthful manner. There is no one “golden” number that tells us whether to invest or sell. Each investor and analyst has his/her own method. It is Sales-R-Us’s responsibility to honestly disclose all pertinent information for individuals to make their own informed opinion regarding the value of Sales-R-Us. Retail companies tend to have stronger fourth quarters because of the holiday season. Monthly reports will describe a firm’s growth on a consistent basis within each quarter. Analysts and investors can compare Sales-R-Us to competitors and the industry. One way to disclose their monthly report is to release an industry-wide report comparing itself with other firms and the industry standard for that given period. This would help if there was a industry-wide acceptance of disclosure.

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Some may say the cost of reporting sales figures on a monthly basis may have some drawbacks. They will argue that competitors who don’t release their figures may have an unfair competitive accessing Sales-R-Us’s figures. Others may argue that supplying sales figures on a monthly basis will be costly. Sales-R-Us can avoid costs by releasing financial figures through their website or through one media source. With the proliferation of the internet, information will spread rapidly throughout the world.

I feel the benefits of releasing information far outweigh the costs. By disclosing monthly sales reports, companies will have even more incentive to find ways to increase sales, earnings, and growth. It is important that Sales-R-Us discloses their information so they can gain investor’s trust and push themselves to be the best firm possible.

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