Cry, the Beloved Country, on Race

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Racial issues are abundant in all places throughout the world. South Africa, the United States, and many other places have dealt with problems pertaining to race, lifestyle, and/or religion. These problems still continue today. Inequality in human rights, lifestyles, and personal sanction based on racial and ethnic differences are unjust and eventually unbearable. The characters in Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country embody many traits of people because of their universal qualities.

John Kumalo has an amazing voice. His speeches draw a magnitude of people to listen and be persuaded by the words. His quality of speaking is similar to a variety of people. First, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. drew crowds of people to listen and caused him to be very influential during the civil rights movement in the United States. Second, Malcolm X was another very well spoken man who helped African-Americans during the civil rights movement. A third person with a talent in speech resembling that of John Kumalo was Frederick Douglass. Douglass was a fighter for black rights and slavery abolishment during the time of President Lincoln. Another person who is a great speaker but does not speak for civil rights is Dr. Herb Sadler. Dr. Sadler is a minister at Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church with an alluring voice like that of John Kumalo, which he uses to draw large numbers of people on Sunday to his sermons.

Absalom Kumalo can also relate to many outside people. Kumalo killed a man, Arthur Jarvis, who was destined to help people. James Earl Ray killed a person who was helping people in the black community. He shot Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Another person liking to Kumalo by his deeds is John Wilkes Booth. Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln while he was trying to abolish slavery in the United States. Gavrilo Princip was also alike in actions to Kumalo by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand when he was setting up reforms to save the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The assassination of Ferdinand lead to the beginning of World War I.

James Jarvis was destined to help a community in need. After James’ son Arthur was killed, he wanted to take a closer look at his son’s work with native Africans, so he became a local activist trying to improve his community. Jarvis did such things as provide milk for the needy children, brought a farming specialist to the town to educate the native farmers, and planned to build a dam for a water reservoir. The charitable nature of James Jarvis is like that of several other men. John Davison Rockefeller was a philanthropist similar to Jarvis by giving much of his money away to better human welfare in places like medicine, religion, science, and sanitary needs. Andrew Carnegie was another wealthy person that improved society through donations. He gave away uncountable personal gifts along with trusts, and money to build libraries and educational buildings. Much of his contributions also went to his hometown like James Jarvis’. John Bryant gave back to his hometown, too. After getting out of south central Los Angeles and becoming successful John wanted to go back and do something for his native town, so he began an organization known as Operation Hope. This organization helps teach people how to invest their money and spend it wisely.

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Arthur Jarvis was a white man in a country of segregation between all races. He was of the “superior” race fighting for equal rights of the entire population. He followed Abraham Lincoln’s ideals and was similar to him because of this. They were both white people battling for the other races to have corollary rights. Another white man who fought for the rights of others was Stetson Kennedy. Kennedy, like Jarvis, wrote about the treatment of blacks. He wrote books that infiltrated racist groups and others dealing with human rights. In addition to Kennedy, Jarvis resembles Oscar Schindler. Schindler was in the Nazi party and gained money through Jew slave labor. After Schindler learned of the accelerated murder of Jews, he began to use all of his money earned by exploiting labor to buy Jewish peoples lives and bribing officials to protect and feed other Jews.

The final person that has a universal quality about her is Mrs. Lithebe. Mrs. Lithebe relates to Mother Teresa because of her caring and nurturing nature. Mother Teresa gave her life to help others just like Mrs. Lithebe, who said God put her on earth to help people. Neither of them had children but they had a motherly sense about them. Another person that reminds me of Mrs. Lithebe is my grandmother. She is very active in the church and donates her time, money, and services. She also helps assist future priest through the seminary by supporting the burse club.

People of all cultures and races on earth go through similar situations. All countries have problems and issues they must deal with which makes us all alike. Individuals become more universal through the things they experience causing the books characters to be comparable to such an array of other people.

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