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English Essay- Change occurs for many different reasons

In one moment, a life can be changed forever. Change occurs in many different ways, and for many different reasons. Change is inevitable. In the film ‘Girl Interrupted’ Susannah Kayson has the inability to deal with change, and the inability to control her life, which results in her being placed in a mental home, after she chased a bottle of vodka, with a bottle of aspirin. Change for Susannah brought betrayal, suicide and uncertainty in life. Susannah changes her perspective on death, when a girl from the mental home commits suicide. She expresses her changes attitude towards death, with the very powerful statement “When you don’t want to feel, death can seem like a dream. But seeing death, really seeing it, makes dreaming about it seem fucking ridiculous” When Susannah actually saw death, it made her change, therefore enforcing the statement that change occurs for many reasons, some being good, some being bad.

Change occurs for many different reasons. This statement is also supported by the book “Good girls do swallow”, which was very powerfully written by Rachael Oaks-Ash. This book tells of her plight from near death and back. It tells the reader how she suffered from bulimia, and would have gone to the end of the earth, to shed those unwanted kilos. Rachael’s bulimia is brought on by the early on-set of puberty. It resulted in her putting on extra weight far earlier then the other girls, and she so desperately wanted to fit in, she just starved herself, then went onto a twenty year long ‘diet’, as the result. Rachael was changing, and this is just another case, like Susannah, of having the inability to cope with change.

Change unsettles and disturbs many people, in many different ways. Change can be an extremely good thing, or an extremely bad thing. People react differently to change. Some can, whilst some cant.

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Rachael discovers her ‘good’ change, when she realized “food is not the enemy. Food is not her friend. It is food. Simply, just food. Nothing more, nothing less”. This quote is very powerful, as it expresses to the readers that Rachael has discovered what we have known, from the first page we read of the book. She has been changing through out the entirety of the novel, although has failed to accept it.

The poem writer ’Sylvia Plath’ relates to change, as one of her main focuses in her poems. Her main themes are death, sadness, and her greatly known hatred of her father. In the poem ‘Daddy’, she talks about how she wished she could of killer her father, but he died before she had the chance. She talks about how much she hated him, but didn’t know how to change her life, so that she wasn’t so greatly affected by his presence. Sometimes though, change happens without anyone even knowing about it. She realized that life can go back to the way it was, or something changes so it doesn’t need to. In her case, it was her father’s death.

Change occurs for many different reasons. Some being bad, some being good. People’s attitudes and stratigies for dealing with change, are all different. Change is inevitable, and unalienable. You can be a slave to life’s changes, or you can work to create the changes you desire in life.

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