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so whats the crack with team useless out there? danny darting about on the free neighbours trip, u lucky bugger have heard only good things about darwin and the likes, but the fucking flies stick to you, no? i had a fucky fly net type hat thing going for me. carol and mobs, whats going down in new zealand? how many times has the campervan broke down? be careful over there as the three people i know that went ended up gettting arrested for drunken disordely and fined shitloads. want to see u all in scotchland when i return, but as of yet will still be stranded in heathrow with no flight anywhere and no money, however by then will be hardocre traveller no doubt and can prob hitch a ride over the water to come and say hi.

after travelling down the worlds most dangerous road to get to the jungle depths- the bus behind me flee off the cliff killing 7 people. have spent the last few days fishing for piranhas, although i was admittedly more into feeding them than trying to catch them to the frustration of my friends as they were are dinner that night,. searching for anacondas, someone wrapped one round my neck while i was in la la land mediataing about the big birds and thinking how beautiful the world was and was caught on camcorder saying swear words much worse than those let loose on frasier. no idea where i get these phrases from. crusing with alligators, swimming with pink dolphins in amazon, drinking pure water from vines, playing tarzan in the trees, sleeping in hammocks and smoking fine weed by the bonfire.

so after going to a disco in pisco eating chile in chile we are now going to go try the coca in the cocacabana which admittedly doesn{t rhyme too well, but its about time we got fucked. travelling with two lads from sheffield who are a laugh and will prob die of shock when they realise our other travelling companion was guy ritchies bro cause he was too embarassed to tell them as they are obsessed with lock stock and snatch. don{t worry danny, he was in good hands with me..although he was a bit of a private school boy and being used to the scots slaggin me off constantly wasn{t sure how to deal with someone who is so fucking polite all the time or such a gentleman i should say. the sheffield boys are much more rude though so its cool and we have a tip of where to get good cocaine so we are heading there tomorrow. the money is going badly cuase i thought iwas rich and spent a fortune on cocktails the other night,but am back on bread and cheese diet as from today and it is enough here to survive on less than ten dollars if u are content to be a bum.

simon where are u and what u doing? oisin and george are on there way over here and am going to try to meet up with them and becky once more in cusco. stef still think u should come and live with me in ireland, got email from me mum saying she was shopping in ann summers, pulling young men and painting her nails red. am concerned and need your support. carol, fashioned stolen great barried reef into necklace...worked pretty well, and then made rings and neckalces out of jungle nuts so reckon i am pretty cool. did u get your ring done? if i see u in glasgee lets drink fine wine. oh by the way it is chepaer out here, the record is 60p for four litres, but as yet no bucky alike.

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okay got to go and spend the last of my money on ponchos as they are class and i locked all my warm clothes in safe place for my jungle return and have lost the key so am currently getting pneumonia. write soon all of ye. lins xxxxxx

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