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alright team, whats going on in all your various worlds. I am currently cruising around bolivia with not a clue in the world, getting increasingly confused and wondering what i am going to do next. had beautiful time in the salt plains, trekked through snow covered mountains and bathed in hot springs, picked feather from wild flamingo and all the time munching on the coca leaves in order to stay sane. altitude messes u up at times especially if u are conusming vast amounts of cheap red wine when u are in highest city in the world. not a good idea, never experienced pain like it. have meet some english folk- including guy ritchies wee bro who has of course fallen desperately in love with me, but heh what can u do?- who are sweet and concerned about my laisse faire attitude to life as they think i may get killed in the jungle. which is rather plausible, but i will be happy as long as i get to see some big animals. good news is that one of my best friends is coming out to see me in rio in a month, so spending my last few weeks lying with her on the beaches of tropical islands will be heaven- thank you ami.

plans from here, are jungle, possibly cycling down the worlds most dangerous road- although anyone who has seen me ride a bike should know this is an idiotic idea, it is simply not true that u can never forget and I am living proof. then incas world and then got to get across to rio. that still needs to be planned. it all still needs to be planned really.

la la land is a nice place to live.

carol and mobs, have a great time topping up the tan- when are u guys heading home? easty and leithie, let me know how jumping jacks in glasgow is.. why did u lose the dreds? simon, i hear you{ve been fully living it up on the steaks and fine wine- cheese and bread all the way for me, u would hate it. george, are u doing inca trail? i hear there is a five day wait for the four day trek, so i am going to try to book mine soon, let me know if u are doing it cause cusco could be good place to meet. oisin- no more coke for all who didn{t get emial, boycott on the nd july which is gone and been, so stop drinking the damn stuff. they have inca cola out here, which is foul but definitely full of coca. flee, dublin is looking more plausible then ever as course wants me to do an interview with them which can{t do as i am here, so may not get in. also meet becky in sucre, she is great and her new boyf stef is lovely, hoping to meet them agains to do lake tititcaca. andy- whats home like? here izzie was over send her my best. gav, is your hair still ginger and did u ever do the work for that scholarship?

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thinking of moving flight to the 16th of sept which means i will be home weeks early, mercer will i be able to see u then? fi, will u back from your holidays? Kirst- can u take me in? stef, sorry to hear about your job? but heh it was wank anyway, let me know when u have posted stuff so i can tell me mum to expect it, if u can{t afford it, rescue the dairy which is the only really crucial thing- by the way do u have my hot water bottle, i am going to kill drops to minus 0 out here at night u know! love u. bren, u alive? shell, thanks for the mail, will write proper soon. baz, heard about graduation, sorry babe, big hugs and i know you{ll be loving it at edinburgh festival. libs, where are u?

IS ANYONE GOING TO BE IN BELFAST IN SEPTEMBER? or will I be lapping up the limelight all on my own. please, please no.

okay, tonight going out on the tear with a few ozzie lads who have got sponsorship to cycle round south america, but got drunk and sold there bikes.

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