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no essay Although some marketing critics see marketing as wasteful or even against societys best interests, it is important to recognize the benefits of marketing

• Marketing connects remote producers and consumers. Mass communication and mass transportation allow products to be shipped where theyre needed.

• Marketing allows mass production with its economies of scale.

• Marketing encourages growth and new ideas. Competition for consumers money forces firms to think of new and better ways of satisfying consumer needs.

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In combination, the forces of competition and the choices made by customers to support those firms that do the best job of meeting their needs drive our macro-marketing system to be more efficient.

Some changes come quickly. A good example is the speed with which firms have adopted e-commerce. E-commerce refers to exchanges between individuals or organizations--and activities that facilitate those exchanges--based on applications of information technology. The technology-mediated exchanges fostered by e-commerce are helping to cut costs from almost every aspect of marketing while at the same time helping firms to better satisfy their customers. Collectively, these developments have had a significant impact on the efficiency of our macro-marketing system. For example, most experts believe that the growth of the U.S. economy during the last decade, coupled with low levels of price increases (inflation), is due to the fact that e-commerce has helped sellers reduce costs.

Though out this reference we detail many of the ways in which e-commerce is increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of different areas of marketing. On the other hand, keep in mind that the upward trend in the macro-marketing system does not insure a successful outcome for any individual firm or its customers. The headlines of the past few years provide ample evidence of this. Many individual dot-com firms--companies established to do business over the Internet--failed. These companies were started by people who thought they had come up with a better mousetrap, but customers didnt always see it that way. These failures are expensive, and ultimately that expense is shared by members of the society. Thats because money spent on a business that fails--that does not make a positive contribution to the macro-marketing system--could have had a positive effect if it was spent more wisely in some other way. So, it is important to see that if individual managers make poor decisions it may affect many people. The opposite is also true. When managers can make better decisions--they can improve both micro-marketing performance and the performance of the whole macro-marketing system.

But the micro-macro dilemma has caused marketing critics to have their complaints about the system.


Marketing Ethics

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