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Tolerance has been called the noblest human virtue. Having it enables a person to have all other virtues. What is tolerance? To me it implies the suspension of judgement about any person, event or idea till a higher consciousness or love enables that person to make a proper evaluation. Tolerance is that modicum of time that enables the noblest and most sublime human feeling of love to come into a field of consciousness where our conditioning and innate suspicion prevent its appearance in the first place.

Today the world is torn apart by prejudice, intolerance and hatred. Hatred, which is the absence, not the opposite of love. The only answer to this spiralling wave of negativism is to develop a feeling of tolerance in ones heart. Tolarance implies that we believe in the innate nobility or purity of the human heart. It asserts the positive view, that despite all appearances, the inner core of man is a heart of light and not a heart of darkness.

Thus by exercising this virtue, we bring ourselves out of the cycle of action and reaction. We respond to events, people and things with wisdom and moderation. The inner voice of conscience, which we are so apt to disregard in the tumult and clamour of our egoes, is heard but rarely. When we totter on the brink of cataclysm and hesitate before committing ourselves inexorably over the precipice, we give that inner voice a chance to speak and to direct our actions.

Tolerance towards ourselves and by extension, towards all others is the sine qua non of spiritual practice and evolution. Saints have advocated compassion and love, but this may be too much and too artificial if attempted without adequate preparation and practice. Thus this humble virtue is doubly important because it brings in its wake or in its train all the higher virtues that seem difficult to attain or attempt.

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To conclude, since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, it would be worthwhile to see the benefits of even an ounce of practice before gathering a ton of precept.

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