"That strange night"

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Wake up. On an early Sunday morning, Martina could not make herself open her eyes when the alarm clock struck 7 am and made a buzzing sound, which was unbearable for her ears. The rays of strong light would strike straight into her eyes when she opened them to turn the alarm clock off. The silence followed then. The rays were warm on her face and she really did not feel like getting out of her bed on a cold morning like this.

It smelt of burnt candles and sweetness of lavender oil, she could also taste a bitterness of red wine from last night. Drawings and specific photographs of interesting features such as surreal and abstract mixtures surrounded her room. She could feel the pain in her neck, because she threw her squashed pillow away in her disturbed sleep. She was looking at the rugged and old walls and windows lighted with yellow colors of the sunrise in a 00-year-old house. She closed her eyes for a moment trying to remember of what happened last night.

Three girls. Martina and two of her friends Jacky and Alona were fooling around with a book which they found in the basement of this creepy house. It was an old black magic book. It was covered in black rubbed out leather and it had a swirling snake on it and smelt of incredibly strong fungi. When girls investigated the book, it had charm spells, curses and love finders. Dying to try out the fun three girls were sitting in a circle all night, burning candles and oil, drinking red wine, reading the spells and looking at the full moon shining upon them. The time was going fast.

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What happened then- no one knows. It then became like a dream spinning around, Jacky and Alona laughing and saying the words of the ancient and forgotten world, it became blurry, and that moon- the moon was watching upon them, like at a bunch of lunatics. The next thing she remembered - that cool morning, that softness and tiredness.

Standing up from her bed, a head rush struck her and she could see that book was lying among the empty wine bottles and greasy stains of oil - opened. The pages of the book were blank. She put away the book in her filled up closet and put her mind off it. Hurriedly running out of her room-, she is late- as always, late to another of her witch meetings.

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