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I. Mr. Speaker, Vice President, members of Congress, distinguished citizens and fellow citizens Every year, by law and by custom, we meet here to consider the state of the union. This year, we gather to determine what lies ahead of us in the next year. We gather to determine what goals we need to accomplish in the next year. We gather to determine how safe we are, and what we can do to make this a safer place to live.

II. The tragedy of /11 has brought many things to our attention. It has showed the country what it is like to be scared. My goal is to make sure that no American has anything to fear any longer. In response to /11, we immediately took action against Afghanistan, and the terrorist networks that were stationed in Afghanistan.

We have Disrupted terrorist networks, removed key leaders, and arrested more than ,000 terrorists in many countries. By doing this, there is a far less threat of terrorist activity.

We found terrorist cells living within the United States and prosecuting them.

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We have recently successfully invaded Iraq, and taken Saddam Hussein out of power. We are at knowledge that Hussein had powerful weapons of destruction, and was a huge threat to US safety. You as a citizen have nothing to fear, now that he is out of power.

We also created the Department of Homeland Security to safeguard our citizens, intensify security at our borders and ports of entry and posted more than 50,000 federal screeners in airports. This was a drastic measure taken to ensure that every American feels safe going to the airport, and riding every airplane. We also intensified border control to eliminate terrorists who enter from the border the US shares with other countries.

III. We are devoting over 100 million to Urban Areas for Homeland Security. Urban areas are on of the most dangerous places to be in the United States. We would like to build safe and affordable homes for those in the urban areas, and hire more police officers to patrol the area, and basically just create a safer environment.

We are devoting $566 million that the Office for Domestic Preparedness can use for first responder needs such as equipment, training, planning and exercises.

We have enabled Project BioShield -- a thorough effort to develop and make available modern, effective countermeasures against biological and other dangerous agents. Nearly $6 billion will be available to purchase new countermeasures for smallpox, anthrax, and botulinum toxin. This should end the fear of bio-terrorism, for the reason that we will have cures for every dangerous biological agents.

We have sent several thousands of troops in the army, navy, air force, and marines over to the Middle East, and specifically Iraq to take Hussein out of power, and create a democracy in Iraq. We are now in the stage of creating a democracy in Iraq, since we have removed Hussein from Office.

IV. Plan for the Future

The military is going to need a plethora of money for future invasions that we will carry out, so we am giving 50 billion dollars to the military for use against the Middle East.

Now that Saddam Hussein is out of office, we are working to create a democracy in Iraq. We would like to see Iraq, turn into a US colony. We will soon be having elections for the offices that will be needed to run Iraq, as the 51st state of the United States.

Once Iraq is a colony of the US, we will look to conquer Afghanistan, and turn Afghanistan into the 5nd state with the name of New Texas.

Once Afghanistan and Iraq are official states controlled by the United States, the US military will invade Iran from the borders it shares with Afghanistan and Iraq, and will take over Iran. Iran is believed to be harboring terrorists, which is very dangerous to the United State’s safety. We have no choice but to invade Iran from Afghanistan or New Texas from the east, and invade Iran from the western border it shares with Iraq. We will enter Iran, and attack the capital city of Tehran until the point where it is US soil. Iran will be the 5rd state of the United States.

Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran are all very well known for there illegal drug growing, and smuggling. Due to the fact that the resources are already there, we will not hesitate to use them. I am calling congress to legalize every drug for recreational use. If we can legalize all drugs, the government can grow them, and sell them at drug stores, or pharmacies to create extra revenue for our country.

Regardless of whether or not, these drugs are legalized we will invade Canada from the Canada-US border and by air strikes. However the extra revenue from illegal drugs will be used in the invasion of Canada. Canada isn’t so much as a threat to our safety, rather they are just useless. Think to yourself, “What is Canada good for?” The answer is nothing-- that is in the state they are in now. Canada has natural elements that are important to the US, such as gold, silver, coal, and natural gas. Together we would be very powerful, and would have enough natural elements that the US lacks. Canada will be the 54th state of the United States.

Once all of our goals are accomplished as a nation, we will be the strongest empire ever to exist. Our newly acquired four which will include Canada, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran help the US in becoming very rich, powerful, and safe. Our reasoning for taking over Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran is to eliminate terrorist activity that other nations carry out. There is no obvious reason for taking over Canada; we just feel the United States would be a much more powerful empire with Canada.

V. All of these goals could easily be accomplished in two years. We have enough money and time to accomplish our Middle East invasion. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran are all an enormous threat to America’s safety as a whole if we do not take action immediately. I look forward to the next 1 months, and would like to say god is behind us in every decision that we make. May He guide us now. And may God continue to bless the United States of America.

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