school dress codes

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On almost a daily basis students are reminded of the school dress codes. It if often brought

forth to school boards that having all students wear uniforms is the only solution. However,

Canadian students should not be forced to wear uniforms. Mandatory dress attire not only limits

the students ability to freely express their individuality but they are also not very cost efficient.

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Another excuse brought forth is that it is often thought that having students wear uniforms

would restrict the amount of teasing that occurs in a classroom situation, but that is certainly

not always the case.

Teasing and students literally harassing one another occurs all too often. Wearing uniforms

would not put teasing to a halt, It would only encourage students to judge each others body

and outer appearance, as well as their personalities. In most cases having someone make fun

of a facial or body appearance is twice as hurtful then having someone put down an article

of clothing. If uniforms had to be worn it would not lessen the amount of teasing, it would

only make the insults more significant and potentially harmful.

Students should have the freedom to express their personalities and individuality through

the clothes they chose to wear. Enforcing uniforms would restrict the freedom of expression.

Allot can be said about a persons inner self by the clothing on their backs. Having everyone

wear the exact same article of clothing would be just plain dull. The uniqueness of all of the

students differences would no longer shine through, and it would no longer be an adventure to

walk down the halls and see all the individual senses of style. It should remain that its whats

on the inside that really counts, but expressing ones self on the outside should be permitted, if

not encouraged, not restricted.

It is really amazing how quickly students nowadays go through their newest outfits.

Uniforms may be worn out within a month of use. Whether they decide to repair or

replace the outfit, either way a check will leave you pocket. Not all Canadian families

have money to spend on things that arent necessary to survive. Paying for one uniform

and wearing it day in and day out may appear on the surface a money saver, but one uniform

is not the only withdrawal they will have to make from their bank account. Uniforms will also

restrict the amount of use of clothes bought in previous years, again losing the value in money


Another disadvantage is the fact of maintaining a uniform. There might have to be two

or three uniforms bought in the event that it wouldnt be clean, dry and ready to go for eight a.m.

every morning. Those would prove great obstacles especially if there was not stay at home

parent or guardian to help out, or in this case even if some families did not own a washer and


There are a great deal of disadvantages carried along with the enforcement of everyday

school uniforms. The would not arise any positive messages, or make the school a more

safe and happy atmosphere. Unless all students and their families feel strongly towards the

thought of uniforms they should not be worn. For many reasons they are not beneficial. It

would only make the mornings and evenings for students busier and more rushed. Uniforms

should not be made a part of students daily schedule.

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