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There is no one that can truly follow the pretentious foolishness of the human race. It is in our nature to be foolhardy monsters that attempt to dictate what will be in our surrounding environment. From Delavan ,take nd street past golf course, over bridge, becomes cty O. Take to So. Shore make a left on So. Shore by Millies Pancake Haus. Go down 5 blocks to Central Blvd. Turn left on Central cross bridge make an immediate left. Go two blocks down to Mulberry turn right. 4th house on left. Long blue ranch with yard lights.

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fuck you. George,

I feel after you so vehemently gave your opinion to me, though it was not asked for, and it mostly was addressed to me that now after having time to think and talking to a lot of people including my pastor, a counselor, our attorney and a child advocate I shall give you mine. This is not a corporate situation but a family situation so everything you said you learned there has no merit what so ever. Corporations have no heart families do. And as far as being wrong about wanting our son to have a good education, yes I do and if it means giving up wrestling because his coaches weren’t monitoring him then as a parent that is my right. And it didn’t all have to do with his grades. Nick has been out of control way before his grades were bad or before he was in sports but the thing that really bothered me was that I wasn’t allowed to say anything without you jumping down my throat. That was wrong and unfair. He has sworn at us, hit us as long as I can remember. Yes we need to address that. It is learned behaviour.

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But even though verbal abuse is as bad as physical no one has ever gone to jail for the verbal abuse. And I wasn’t allowed to bring that up because you were too busy bashing me and what I have done wrong. Your brother loved it because he was being more or less seen as the good parent. And also everyone I have talked to whether professional or not said that you were more or less saying what you wanted your child to be, this wrestling jock, and because you don’t have children it was all right for you to tell me what you think is best for Nick in your eyes not his parents eyes, and they all said they would have done the same thing and do. Maybe not by yelling and screaming which was not always the case, but they still would have taken his sports away. We gave him many, many chances to stay in wrestling. So if his grades are his decision then it was his decision not to improve them. So it seems to me he also made the choice of how important it was to him. He is 14 for God’s sake not 4, or 6 or 10, but 14 and knows what is wrong and right.

Nick and I have been in counseling for years but they have never made your brother be in counseling until this last time and I have tried my hardest and done what the counselors have asked but Walt and Nick don’t and it will take more than just me. I am not placing blame just on Walt and Nick cause I am not as selfish as you made me look but it takes all of us. I cannot fight them both. And maybe I did want for Nick to be what my kids weren’t for awhile but I have told Nick many, many times that he doesn’t have to be an honor roll student but to just try his hardest and not turning in assignments, never bringing homework home, sassing his teachers and ignoring their authority was not trying his hardest. D’s and F’s will never be acceptable to me, Walt and any other parent I know if the kid isn’t trying. That’s the way it has been for years and that’s the way it will always be. You are right in the short time you spend with us we do a lot of bickering and fighting but you know George we never did that in my family nor did my first husband and I and it seemed like everytime I went to your mom and dads house their was the same thing going on so maybe I learned that is how to communicate with your family. Sorry if you think that’s unfair but that is the truth. It is easy to see what is wrong from the outside but you don’t live here so you don’t see everything so how you could say this thing with his grades and wrestling was the biggest problem is so off base. It is easy to raise someone elses child. Not so easy to make all the right decisions for your own. I want Nick to know that having good grades is just as important as his sports but if the school doesn’t monitor it then I and Walt as his parents will. I didn’t have him to turn him over to the school to raise him. That is my God given job. Nick has an anger management problem that goes deeper than me and Walt. He needs to deal with it now as well as we need to deal with ours. But like I tried to say I have done what the counselor has asked and if they won’t I will no longer live with it. I am trying and I need to try harder but lets not forget the abuse issue here.

So there is my opinion whether you agree or not whether you like it or not. All I want is what is best for Nick. The hell with me and Walt but I will let professional counselors tell me not you. I respect your opinion but I don’t agree with all of it. I felt it better I let you know cause I’m getting tired of being the blame for everything wrong in this house. We need to rally around Nick now, do what is best for him and keep our opinions on what everyone is doing wrong to ourselves and not to him. But I feel I have the right to validate my opinion to you like you did to me. If you hate me I don’t care but I am not a mat for anyone. I have never seen any kind of emotion but anger in you George and maybe that is something you need to work on because even your own nephew has told me you are mean sometimes. Let’s quit blaming each other and start to focus on what is best for all of us and that is love and support for Nick. If we feel we can’t be that then we need to let God handle it and the professionals.

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