The King Of Masks

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The King Of Masks

There is an old man named Wang who is known as the king of masks. There is a celebration going on and while he is performing, Master Liang sees him. Master Liang is very fascinated by his talent and wishes to speak with him. Master Liang tells Wang that he needs to pass on his special art of his masks to an heir, preferably a boy. Wang thinks about this and thinks it is an excellent idea since he does not want his family tradition to end with him, he wants it to keep going. Wang goes to the streets of China to search for a young boy to buy off the black market. A lot of people offer him young girls, since they are unwanted in China, but he refuses. Then he sees a child who looks like a healthy young boy. Wang is drawn to him and buys him for ten dollars. He names her King but calls her Doggie as well. Wang tells his new son of how before he was married and had a son. His son had died and his wife left him since he could not support her.

Wang and Doggie are walking on the street when there is a place to cut sugar canes in half. There is a man there already trying to cut it but is unsuccessful. Wang decides to give it a try and he successfully cuts it in half making the man jealous. So while Wang is cutting another sugar cane, he is shot by the jealous man and drops the machete on his foot. Wang tells Doggie to urinate on it to cure it. That is when Doggie confesses she cant because she is a girl.

Wang was not very about Doggie being a girl so he tries to leave her by boat. Doggie is crying and doesnt want him to go so she jumps in the water and tries to swim after him. Wang is afraid she will drown and die so he rescues her. He decides to keep her but instead of him being her grandfather, she is now to call him boss. Since he still doesnt want Doggie to learn the art of the masks he teaches her acrobatics so that at least she has a talent and skill. She becomes very skills and good at using her body.

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One night while Wang was sleeping, Doggie decides she wants to try on the masks. She holds it too close to the flame of the candle and ends up setting it on fire. The burning mask ends up setting the whole boat on fire.

Ashamed of her action, Doggie runs away. She ends up getting picked up again by the man who sold her to Wang. He takes her back to his place and she finds Tianci. Tianci is a missing little boy who belongs to a rich family. Doggie and Tianci decide to runaway. They successfully runaway. Doggie decides that she wants to give Tianci to Wang since he really wanted a boy anyway.

Wang sees Tianci and is excited thinking his prayers have been answered. He doesnt realize that Tianci was kidnapped. So when the police discover Tianci is with Wang they arrest him for kidnapping. The police treat Wang very cruely in jail. Doggie is sad because all she wanted was to make Wang happy. She goes to Master Liang and asks for help. He tells her that he cannot help her. That is when Doggie gets the idea to crash Master Liangs play. She decides to tie herself on a rope and hang down and if the police dont help her get Wang out of jail shell cut the rope and die. After a long dispute she cuts the rope and Master Liang jumps in to save her but she is unconscious. Master Liang tells the police to help the young girl. The police give him and let Wang out of a jail. Doggie and Wang are reunited. Wang decides that even though Doggie is a girl he will teach her the art of the masks so that the tradition will live on.

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