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Before the introduction into Western Heritage began, my sense of hope for the future was good. I had viewed history as a series of struggles where man continually fought for life, peace, prosperity, and equality among other things. But although these struggles were immensely difficult, man always overcame them. I had no reason to believe that my future would be any different than that of the past. Yes, there may be hard times to come, but we as a race would pull together to survive them. This course of Western Heritage opened my eyes to many new and different aspects regarding my sense of hope. I have been provided with historical knowledge that has in fact, changed my entire viewpoint altogether.

Simply reading the course material alone has affected me on this issue of hope for the future. Two of the first readings, Things Fall Apart and King Lear, showed me just how terrible man could act. In Things Fall Apart we have a man who is so overly proud, that he can’t even keep from allowing others to kill his son for fear of appearing weak. And in King Lear we have one’s own family betraying and killing each other for power! Of course these two novels alone did not change my views for the future but they certainly did contribute. Elie Wiesel’s lecture and our trip to the Holocaust Museum were very informative in describing the atrocities committed by the Nazis. It is different to speak with someone who witnessed such crimes and to see artifacts then just to read about them from a book. The one common realization I came away with from all the course materials mentioned above, was not only just how terrible man can act, but that it’s when these men take power that we see such acts of crimes as the Nazi’s committed.

Another reason for my lack of hope in the future deals with the lack of leaders in present times. I have read and read about countless influential men and women in our past who have made astonishing contributions for man, but when I look around today, I see none. What I do see are our presidents tainting one of the most respected offices a person can hold. I would like to know where our Thomas Jeffersons, Martin Luther Kings and Ghandis are today. Instead I find such men as Osama Bin Laden heading the front pages of our newspapers.

One valid argument in opposition would be that there is hope for our future due to our technological advances and that yesterday’s Thomas Jeffersons, Martin Luther Kings, and Ghandis have been replaced by today’s scientists, physicists, and chemists. In rebuttal to this comment I would say that it is utterly and completely incorrect since it is precisely these scientists that I owe my lack of hope for the future. I relate this discussion back to a film on “Cracking the Code of Life” where it was shown that today’s scientists are producing a cultural lag with these rapid advances in technology. Our technology is moving so quickly that we are not considering the moral issues at hand, but instead more worried as to how to take the next step in increasing that technology. It is this kind of action that will lead to the cloning of man and other sinful acts. I foresee that the same scientists, who are aiming to formulate medical breakthroughs, are also going to destroy the future of man if they do not slow down and consider their consequences.

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Although at times I absolutely hated this course, I am thankful for it in that I have become more aware of the likely hood of our future. I have become aware of the extremes that man can do both in the negative and in the positive. Sadly, when I look around today I am blinded from those few positive acts by the numerous negatives. I realize that it is becoming more and more unlikely that people will pull together to resolve their issues. In the past there have been incredible leaders to unite the people and steer them into the right direction. Unfortunately, this time in history is lacking in the brilliant revolutionary minds of yesterday and it shows. We also believe that technology is the answer to all of our problems but we are mistaken, as it more so becomes the source. I find it almost impossible to have a sense of hope for the future in today’s world and I find it astonishing that I’m just now realizing this. Currently I seriously doubt man will advance much further without extreme changes in our beliefs one way or another.

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