Great Gatsby

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Love, something we all tend to look for in our life. We all wish one day that we’ll find our true love then which will lead to marriage. Marriage is something obtained between two lovers who will vow their life into loving and commitment for one another. But why is that married couple are still often tending to cheat on one another. Maybe the wedded pair wasn’t truly in love. In the book, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, unconditional love is revealed in life between Daisy and Tom. Tom reveals himself as prideful and wealthy man. Daisy reveals herself as a gorgeous woman who is superficial. Though Daisy and Tom love each other, their disappointment in life and selfishness compel them to disrespect and mistreat each other.

Tom the very well known abundant and arrogant man demonstrate his untrue love for Daisy. With the fortune and egotism that Tom has, any man who is not truly in love would find more than one spouse. Through out the book Tom breaks his pledge with Daisy couple of times. “One” of his other partners was Myrtle Wilson, who is also married. He actually doesn’t hide his other feelings in front of daisy. When they have a conversation with other people, Tom would actually be able to say, I love Daisy too…once in a while(18). Tom may seem like he has his life under control, with wealth and a high social status, but he needs to focus on what is important. Tom needs to save his marriage.

Daisy the attractive and shallow woman is not so honest herself. With the beauty and also wealth she has, any man would be lured to that. Although she has the capability to get more guys, she only cheats on Tom with Gatsby, her formal loved one. Sometimes spending so much time with Gatsby she doesn’t even remember who she her spouse is; “who is Tom” (88)? Though Daisy seems fortunate, with her good looks and prosperous husband, her life is tainted with bad morals and a dishonest personality.

Tom and Daisy do not understand that by cheating on one another, they are ruining the possibility of ever reaching a true and satisfying love. They are too consumed with their own necessities and self lust to realize that their affairs are causing them grief instead of happiness. Happiness in marriage can only obtained through total trust and companionship.

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It is unfortunate that Tom and Daisy will never find true love. They both went looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places. Tom wanted to have another woman in his life, but this made his relationship with Daisy unorthodox. Marriage is about a loving commitment between two people. How can Tom and Daisy have a satisfying marriage when they are not committed to each other, but only committed to their own desires? The only way to have a good marriage is to have a monogamous one. One must be devoted to his partner fully in order to be satisfied with himself, because love is about giving as much as it is about receiving.

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