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Bob volunteers every Saturday at the organization of special needs family in Cupertino, a non-profit educational and recreational program for children with autism and other special needs.¡¨ I¡¥ve always liked kids, and I don¡¦t mind giving up my Saturday afternoons. ¡¨he says.¡¨ Going to OSF made me open my eyes and realize that I was pretty lucky and that I could actually help others.¡¨ With a friend from Monta Vista High in Cupertino, he started a chapter of helping hands for kids club, which was also includes students from Homestead High school. He is treasurer of the French Honor Society and the Model United Nations, and a member of the Future Business Leaders of America Club.

This news reminds me that I also helped some Down children last summer vacation. Although I faced lots of difficulty in helping them, helping them makes me feel happy. We should think how fortunate we are that we are the normal people. The disabilities have to bear the discrimination in society. It¡¦s unfair to them. Why don¡¦t we spend some time helping them? To feel how they feel, then we should cherish our lives.

I attended a camping on Nov. held by Eden which is the organization helps people need aids. I am the volunteer worker in that organization, so I should accept the training. The facilities in the camp were originally used in American military training. The purpose is to overcome our fears and cooperate with the group. The first facility was to pass through a rubber wheel tire hanging down between two trees. The height was about 50~00 cm. Boys just could tough the tire, while girls could tough the string bound on the tire. It was a very difficult task for me to climb up the tree first and then struggled for a long time to climb through the tire. It took me 0 minutes to go through it. But when I completed, I felt a great sense of achievement. I never imagine I could finish such a hard task. The second one was a big see-saw. The trainer put a cup full of water in the middle. All the group members had to be on the see-saw and the water can¡¦t spill out, even a drop of it. so we should lift ourselves first and then touch the board very slowly. It gathered the strength of the whole group. The last one was a small stage. 14 people in our team had to stand on that stage for 15 seconds. We held, catch, and pull each other to protect ourselves falling down. We tried 40 minutes. Someone got hurt seriously, but we didn¡¦t give up until we succeeded. It¡¦s a great moment when we accomplish each task. The training needed our wisdom, courage, and cooperation. It¡¦s a meaningful training.

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