Concept of being australian

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The concept of being an Australian is a feeling of joy and pride, being able to share its freedom, its riches and its happiness. Australia is a home of many nations because we work together and cooperate to make our home a land of joy. The aspect of Australia I like most is the great diversity of its people

Many countries are ruled by war where people live in horror and slavery. That is why we are proud of the freedom of Australia where all religions and ways of life are permitted.

Australia is unique in all its ways; in its people, its animals, its multicultural background, its attractions and its sports. We should all be proud to live in this land of peace.

Throughout watching the video there where different types of groups of Australians which make up the Australian society due to the different types of groups that live in Australia, Australia has become a country of immigrants from all parts of the world, especially Europe and Asia, and our contemporary culture is very influenced by the mixture of international traditions which migrants have brought with them.

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I think Australias best feature is that it is a land with no limits. It offers us amazing possibilities and opportunities regardless of ones background. The fact that we are a young, vibrant and growing nation allows us to make the most of our opportunities. Australians have a good sense of humor and helpful spirit; Australians make the most of what life offers.

Australia is a country of great cultural richness with a dynamic evolving identity is not something that has occupied a large space in the world’s consciousness. However it is the most defined nation state - the only country in the world which occupies a whole continent.

Australia is a multicultural society, consisting of people from all around the world. Australia has always had a mix of cultures and people although not in the same way as it does today.

I think that the Aboriginal people have been left out of this pre-multicultural identity. Like all cultures Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures have changed and developed over time. Australia brought rapid changes to Aboriginal society and dramatically affected Aboriginal land and they ways people lived.

Just as in the past, Indigenous Australians live throughout Australia but now this includes cities, towns, the coast, rural areas and the outback. There is no one indigenous culture but a mixture of contemporary and traditional thoughts, ways and practices.

Australias fair-go society is a great country to live in today. We are one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse nations in the world, where multiculturalism is accepted and celebrated as a way of life. Our image has changed today in many ways in a much more modern concept. Women are beginning to be respected as equals in business, political and social life. Young Australians today grow up with a great sense of equality. As individuals we are all given a fair go, making our own choices for our families and ourselves. We are restricted only by our imagination and efforts, and not by social class or status.

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