Binge Drinking

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Fifty college students die each year from binge drinking. That’s just about one death every weekend. These statistics are only for collage drinking; also think about high school students and adults that have this problem. Then throw all the other alcohol related deaths. That is why I picked binge drinking as the more important public policy. It’s dangerous, unsafe, and there’s not much we can do.

We have already set the drinking age at age 1, but kids under that age still are able to get alcohol pretty easy. It would be almost impossible to out law alcohol or even raise the drinking age. People would rebel and it would cause even more problems. A way I believe the government meet the public good is to come up with some more strict laws that would scare everyone who does it. As for the students and kids that drink, they should have more serious consequences. Right now they get 6 weeks or a little fine. Maybe we could give them a few chances and if they keep getting caught then give them some jail time. The government should also raise the fine, so people have trouble paying it, so they think twice about binge drinking. Now for the legal drinkers, there’s not much the government could do. It’s the person’s own choice to get smashed and threaten their life. One solution is raising the consequences once again. Really nail the person when they get a violation, such as drunk driving or the other things. Make them pay so much, they’ll think about it before they do it next time. Maybe if the government made up a rule where if you are over the legal drinking limit you can get a fine. Any cop could give a Breathalyzer to whoever they feel have had way too much to drink. In doing this it would keep most people over the age of 1 drinking less. The penalty of course would be a large fine, and after the third time they’ll go to jail. Another idea that would help the situation would be getting the public aware of this problem. Point out the statistics and the danger in it. Show how many people die, and if you get caught doing it, the major consequences.

After watching the movie and actually thinking about this, I realized what a problem drinking is. There’s not a whole lot we can do to stop this. It will take about of people to crack down on the binge drinking, such as the government, all local police personal, and the support of the people. However I turefully don’t think we’ll be seeing any change in our lifetime. The sad thing is, it’ll get worst before it gets better unless we stop it now.

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BY Jake Nelson

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