Henry Ford

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Henry grew to dislike farm work and picked up a knack for machinery. In 187 he left his family farm near Dearborn, Michigan and headed for Detroit where he became an apprentice in a machine shop. Later, Henry’s father offered him forty acres of timber land to became a farmer and quit machinery; he accepted the offer and built a first class machinist’s workshop. Henry spent more time in Detroit and eventually left the farm by 181. Four years later, he became the chief engineer at the Detroit Edison Company; where he met one of his closest friends, and his biggest inspiration, Thomas Edison. At the turn of the century Edison blessed Ford in his quest for a efficient, gas powered, car.

In his spare time Henry was building an automobile with an internal combustion engine, which he completed in 186. Three years later, the Detroit Edison Company made Henry chose between automobiles and his job. He chose automobiles and later that year began the Detroit Automobile Company. His company failed when he had a disagreement with his financial sponsors. Then, Ford started the Henry Ford Automobile Company, which gained him some status through the building of racecars. By this time Ford had embraced the idea of a low priced car for the masses. His thought opposed the popular belief; that cars are only for the rich.

After Henry gained the status from his racecars, a Detroit coal dealer, Alex Y. Malcomson, offered to aid Ford in a new company. Founded in 10, the Ford Motor Company was a small $8,000 capitalization. By 10 Ford began making the Model A and followed by other model to the letter S. In 10 the decision to make only the Model T or the “Tin Lizzie.” The Model T was durable, easy to operate, and economical. Ford adhered to two principles cutting costs and increasing efficiency. Henry thought that the people who built the cars should

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be able to afford one themselves, so he paid them a real living wage double what the average wage of the time. Over time the Model T went for $850 to $60; that made it easier for the average person to have the luxury of a vehicle.

Henry knew that with all the cars that his company had built he would need a way to sell and service them. Ford’s “road men” were a familiar sight all across the county. In 11 there were more than Ford dealers across the country. These were all a part of Henry’s plan to keep business local. The vision of this young man helped create middle class in the U.S. by doubling the amount of people that live in the cities and raising employment wages.

Ford made sure the automotive infrastructure devolved with the cars. Henry began putting gas stations everywhere knowing that cars had to be fed like horses. He also campaigned for better roadways, which eventually led to an interstate highway system that is still an envy of the world.

Henry and his successful company changed the automotive industry forever. With the assembly line, higher wages, and cheaper cars Henry made it possible for the average person, in the early 100’s, to own the luxury of an automobile.

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