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Human Spiritual Structure Group Mind

There are many levels and types of group mind. Any time two or more human beings (or other animals) come together for a shared purpose they begin to form a group mind. This is a psychic structure that contains all the common thoughts, attitudes, pictures, and samskaras of the members of the group. If the group is large enough, or agressive enough, there will be a tendancy for individual minds to yield and conform to the group, even in the absense of overt coertion. The pressure of a strong group mind can be quite painful. [AHM]

The relationship between the individual mind and the group mind varies from culture to culture. In the U.S. the individual mind is supposed to dominate, and yet one still finds strong group minds in families, churches, sub-cultures, etc. In fact the lack of a clear social group mind (due to the breakup of families and other traditional social structures) is being filled in a great variety of ways. The banding together in groups of all sorts suggests that the participation in group minds is a fundamental part of the human experience. Very few are strong enough to remain completely apart, and it is possible that in the extreme this is an essentially unatural state of existance. [AHM] The relationship between the of the individual to the group mind is said by some to be a function of the first chakra.[AtS]

On the other hand in Japan the group is dominent over the individual, and many people have no clearly developed individual mind (at least not expressed). The group mind is strong and coherent, and requires the adjustment of individual minds within its scope, by shear weight if nothing else. There are actually many group minds, of family and village, male and female. These can feel supportive or sufficating depending on the perspective of the individual. When they wish to go in a different direction, it can be hard. In relation to this is may be that it enhances the exploration of ones spiritual self. There being no room for an external, or psychic individuality, one is forced to go inside to create personal space, perhaps on a spiritual level. [AHM]

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In this type of society the relationships are not so much those between individual people, as they between group minds expressed through certain individuals. This a marrage is not as likely to form a partnership, or a new group mind of two, as it is to represent a social contract between two representatives of the male and female group minds, or two families, etc. [AHM]

There may be cases in which one, or a few strong individuals can take over the control of the group mind. Perhaps at first they embody various unexpressed desires and emotions of the members of the group, but once in control they may direct the evolution of the group mind in directions, or to extents, that are beyond the bounds of the original individual minds. It is an interesting question to what extent this can be done, if there is not at least some resonance in the individual minds? This leads to the extremes of mob behavior, in which a primative, emotional group energy overwhelms the individual consciousnesses, to extreme social movements (sort of group psychosies), or to cults (in the negative, injurious sense). [AHM]

The relationship between the individual and the group is not simple, however. Group mind can support the individual to go beyond his or her conscious capacity, and can produce amazing results for the individuals and the group as a whole. As the group conscensious grows strong in a particular direction, however, it becomes harder to question, or to vary from the norm. If the individuals become engulfed in the group, i.e. cease having contact outside of the group, then there is no longer any reference, or independance. What was originally a mechanism to promote growth or evolution, can slip into being a mass delusion, or a constrictive and confining domination. This is the benefit of Satsanga, and the danger of the cult. [AHM]

In yogic terms group minds are a major source of imposed samskaras. [AHM]

Intentional Group Mind Formation

(an evolving experiment)


You are invited to participate in ongoing global meditations, in order to explore the principle of natural law known as group mind. Humanity is remembering its ancient roots of tribe and true community! These group mind experiments are spiritually oriented, and are aimed at the significant transformation of consciousness throughout society, and around the world. They are an actual opportunity to DO SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT to benefit the human condition, for mutual and planetary benefit.

Examples of group mind phenomena occur in nature, at all levels of universal organization. Group minds form all the way from the atomic realm, to the galactic, and from insects to international relations, in the intelligent organization of individuals into cooperating units. Every relationship of two or more people of similar Intent, creates a group mind. This fact reflects the connectivity and unity of all things in consciousness.

As individuals, we can band together to, pool the resources of our consciousness. We can spiritually generate, (Intend into place) the mutual benefits of love, clarity, greater energy, Divine/Natural connection, and progressive spirituality.

We see the formation of group minds at all levels of society, causing otherwise separate individuals to form collectives, based upon common cause. This phenomena can be easily witnessed in cases ranging from the enthusiasm of crowds at sporting events, the heated focus of political protests, the average couple, business meetings, think tanks, drumming circles, tribal gatherings and company projects, to the mutual rapture of sincere prayer meetings. Our entire global civilization in fact, exhibits collective impulses and actions, showing themselves in the trends of social thought. Through group mind influence we find enthusiasm for new styles, ways of living, and the simultaneous adoption of similar ideas, on a world-wide basis. This group/world consciousness of humanity has been called, the Noosphere, Gaia, World Mind, The Collective Consciousness, Global Unified Field, The Planetary (local) Presence of God, as well as many other names.

It can be observed that the thoughts and emotions of individual people are heavily influenced by collective attitudes, and in many cases, even governed by them. If we are to create a better world in which to live, and to further the ongoing evolution of humanity, then it would be wise to explore, understand and consciously experience, the exact nature of the group mind principle. It greatly influences every day and moment of our lives.

In short, the group mind principle of Nature states that;

The resulting force generated from the combining of like minds, is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts.

In other words, minds which are focused together upon a common theme, create a mutual force which is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than any one individual or group of individuals.

As conscious beings who are self aware, we have the potential to make positive use of the group mind principle of nature, for the upliftment of the human condition. We can consciously build group minds which are based upon love, clarity and progressive Intent, and thereby bring about a new era for our species. This new era, or self-induced leap forward in evolution, can be molded through the considerable abilities of human consciousness to manifest, (Intend into place) our inner state of being. Current external circumstance, (society) is a reflection of our inner state of consciousness. When we shift this inner state, the outer condition of the world similarly shifts in reflection. We can help each other make this shift, by combining together our consciousness of love, clarity and progressive Intent. In so doing we make use of the group mind principle of Nature.

Therefore it is proposed, that the process of forming a Global Group Mind, continue without delay. The following events have occurred. and are still on-going…

Phase One (DISCUSSION) We have passed through this phase already, but discussion is, of course, ongoing. Primary to this forum has been a focus upon intentional group mind formation. Branches from this main subject have necessarily included related areas of mystical/scientific study, such as person to person psychic effects, the power of Intent or Intention, the prevalence of consciousness and its qualities, and how we can apply ourselves to natural laws. This discussion has been most productive within the context of achieving greater enlightenment, spiritual and self realization, and the transformation of the current planetary consciousness. Discussion has been held so far, on the United Communities of Spirit, (Planetary Awakening Key Net) and also on the World Mind Society discussion board.

Phase Two (INITIAL GLOBAL GROUP MIND MEDITATION) Phase two has also already been crossed, on Sunday, Sept. 4th. 000. This initial meditation was held at PM Pacific Standard Time on a global basis, with diverse participants and groups ranging from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Israel, Mexico, Ireland and many other countries. Holding the meditation at a specific time, has allowed us to take full advantage of group mind effects through simultaneous, mutual focus. Much positive feedback has been given thus far regarding the experiences of various people around the world.

Since the meditations have been primarily based upon a document known as, The Perpetual Raising, these continue to be distributed widely. They are also available on the World Mind Society website. Many people have requested to teach the Perpetual Raising material in their existing groups, or to form new groups based upon the principles of natural law, which it contains. A small E-zine has been created entitled, The Global Group Mind Newsletter, which continues to quote personal experiences from the meditations. You are encouraged to give feedback as to your own group mind experience for publication. The newsletter contains suggestions for group consciousness expansion, natural principles equally applicable to any existing spiritual practice, and related articles.

Phase Three (THE COMPARING OF NOTES) We have passed through phase three, as of October 8, 000. Many participants have written about their experiences for discussion and publication to the world group. We explored the meaning, implication and spiritual purpose of the spiritual impact of these Global Group Mind Meditations. Particular focus continues to be given as to how we can improve and empower our group mind/meditational experience. We are then applying these insights in subsequent meditations. The meditations should evolve, just as we do.

Phase Four (ONGOING MEDITATIONS AND DISCUSSIONS) A regular schedule of Global Group Mind Meditations has now been established. They are being conducted on every second and fourth Sunday of each month, at PM PST, (Portland/Seattle time).

In this phase, we will continue to improve our global group mind cohesion, and spiritual determination. Our goal is to increase the collective effects of higher love, more profound clarity, higher energy levels, and more evolved Intentions, with each succeeding Sunday meditation. These procedures are all described in detail in the Perpetual Raising material. This information is gladly given upon request. Ultimately, we seek to transform the entire planetary consciousness or World Mind, to bring about a new enlightened Age.

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